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go technology management

Atlanta Office:

6445 Powers Ferry Rd. #350 Atlanta, GA 30339

Johnstown Office:

1756 Lyter Drive, Johnstown, PA 15905


Phone: 1(877)223-1978

Your Employees Matter

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Earn higher commissions by leveraging our extensive portfolio of products and services. Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace with our customized marketing programs.

    For the Employees with their families

    • Service Discount on Monthly Recurring Charges
      • Discount percentage based on corporate AT&T agreement
    • Waived Activation Fees based on corporate AT&T agreement
    • Accessories discounts based on corporate AT&T agreement
    • Special device promotions

    Employees can sign up for the discount through any AT&T retail store, national retailer, web portal, or telesales line.

    Employees must simply reference the Discount code that is listed on the marketing materials provided to acquire the discount.

    Verification of employment is done through email domain, pay stub, or identification badge and business card.

    Dedicated customer support through AT&T top-rated Customer Service.

    Our Mission

    It is our mission to reinvent the telecommunications space and offer a complete and total solution that’s perfectty suited for your unique business needs.

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    Go Technology Management is a Platinum Solution Provider through the AT&T Partner Exchange program giving us the opportunity to offer powerful and reliable AT&T products and service to our clients. Featuring flexible solutions, attractive discounts, and top of the line AT&T customer support.

    As a Corporate customer of Go Technology Management, you are eligible for the AT&T Employee Sponsorship Program!

    The AT&T Employee Sponsorship Program offers fantastic benefits to a company’s employee base and rewards the company for taking great care of their employees.

    AT&T Partner

    For The Company

    • Marketing Bonus Paid to Company: The marketing bonus is a percentage-based program based on the Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC), excluding taxes and service fees, on NEW individual responsible lines of service established by employees within a one month time period under the company’s AT&T discount code.
    • This is not a residual program. Instead, the marketing bonus is a one-time payout per month based on the discount code performance for one particular month.
    • The marketing bonus will be paid to the company, philanthropy, or sponsorship of the company’s choice.

    The AT&T Employee Sponsorship Program offers a wonderful chance for corporations to generate a new revenue stream equating to hundreds and even thousands of dollars to use as they see fit.

    The company assures no liability for any IRU (Individual Responsible User) lines.

    A Senior Account Manager from the AT&T Employee Sponsorship Program team of Go Technology Management will work with key contacts to define marketing avenues and provide marketing materials to drive awareness of the AT&T Employee Sponsorship Program among the company’s employee base.

    Your Employees Matter