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Voice and VoIP communications
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Business VoIP Services


Business phone services,not just telephone services anymore, they have evolved into something VoIP based and combined with unified communications. Keep up with Go Technology Management’s VoIP services.

VoIP is the process of carrying calls over a secure IP network. It potentially saves businesses money, as it provides already integrated features instead of disjointed business applications; it also reduces expenses as calls do not travel over the phone company’s network, but rather over the data network.

More than that, VoIP expands the possibilities for communication, as it allows voice and video communication on nearly any device. And because it uses private networks, businesses have more control in ensuring that the voice quality is as good as it is with the traditional phone system.

As a leading business VoIP provider, our services are easily configurable; you can start with voice, and add options as your business may require. They are easy t

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Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP allows businesses to make and receive calls over the Internet and the ancillary telephony services required for business use, such as voice mail and call routing. The hardware and PBX is hosted at an off-site location; this means your business can enjoy the power of VoIP in the office while the PBX is being hosted at a state-of-the-art data center.

Hosted VoIP is ideal for business entities that connect with growing teams from anywhere, whether that’s in a remote office or on the go. In addition, this technology allows your employees to make and receive calls from a range of devices, allowing them to handle customer inquiries without delay and enhancing employee productivity and flexibility.

With Go Technology, your business can rest easy as the combined voice and data services are supported. You get the benefits of a fast and strong network without the need to manage it.bility in devices and features.


SIP Trunking

Many businesses are already using VoIP within their phone system on the LAN. SIP trunking allows more flexibility in communications.

SIP trunks are telephone line trunks delivered over IP using the SIP protocol. It makes your voice trunks understand the language of your network, which means faster and better quality service.

Another big advantage of SIP trunking is that it can combine voice, video, and data in a single line. There is no more need for separate media for each mode, which means less expenses and increased reliability of multimedia services.

At Go Technology Management, a leading business VoIP provider, our SIP trunking service allows you to add more value and flexibility to your system. We combine advanced applications, features, and management tools, reducing your infrastructure and maintenance concerns. And because our service leads to huge savings, your investment in SIP trunking can offer a huge return.

Business in a Box

Business in a Box offers an all-in-one platform that combines all services required for growing organizations. It allows you to enjoy voice and data services over one network device and connection, and already includes broadband Internet connection, firewall security, faster file sharing, VPN connectivity, wireless LAN connectivity, and digital phone, to name a few.

Business in a Box connects with VoIP service. It allows WAN or Internet access routing capabilities, LAN based Wi-Fi data access, and virtual private network termination.Using this system leads to considerable savings, as you no longer need racks of equipment and mobility.

You can simply turn a smartphone into an office extension, as well as IP phones, softphones, and legacy phones.

When you work with Go Technology Management, we manage the complexity of Business in a Box for you, and you get to enjoy the advanced voice and data technology without the management overhead.


IP Toll-Free

Business is all about connections, and our IP toll free services allow your business to connect with partners and customers across the world.

IP toll free numbers make your business accessible to customers. Whether they’re across the globe or across the country, your customers can easily connect to you as though you’re right next door. This also delivers cost savings and increased productivity, while enhancing customer loyalty.

Customers can contact you at no cost, and their calls can be directed to your lines—whether that’s an office phone, PBX system, or mobile phone.

Our IP toll free services at Go Technology Management employ intelligent routing through multiple partners, ensuring high quality, reliable, and secure calls. We manage the ebbs and flows of your traffic with our cloud-based solution.

More than that, you get the local presence without the expensive overhead.

For more information about the features and benefits of our VoIP services or if you want to become a partner, call Go Technology Management today.

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