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Connected health
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IoT Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare industry is among the first to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether it is patient monitoring, equipment supplies, or drug delivery, the trend greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of service.

Go Technology Management, the leading IoT healthcare solutions provider, offers managed healthcare solutions that your practice can access anytime, anywhere. With our solutions, you can reduce admissions, cater to specific conditions, and make healthcare more accessible.

Healthcare Foundry

We partnered with the world’s leading communication service providers to bring you digital health innovations, which help you improve quality of life for patients.

Our healthcare foundry is a go-to resource for medical practitioners looking to create integrated and connected healthcare solutions. By utilizing the foundry model and IoT into healthcare, our solutions help you improve care while still lowering costs, as well as bridge the gap between the clinical setting and the home.

Now you can extend care beyond hospital walls and into patient’s daily lives.

We provide a “bring your own device” (BYOD) option to this solution. Our foundry also houses a range of medical innovation programs, fellowship programs, and a workspace for start-ups and innovators in the healthcare field—because we believe it is one thing to have the data to address the healthcare challenges, and another to put that data into action.

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Patient Monitoring

Today’s caregivers have a hard time meeting public health needs due to physical and geographical barriers. Allow Go Technology Management to help with our remote patient monitoring solutions. When you take advantage of connectivity through our service, you can do patient monitoring in real time without the unnecessary visits, and cut down on hospital stays and re-admissions.

We take advantage of IoT healthcare devices for data collection and analysis. With wearable sensors, you can remotely track and respond to a patient’s status in real time, allowing patients to receive care at home or anywhere they are most comfortable.

Diagnosis is becoming more difficult. But because IoT technology opens the door to remote patient monitoring, you can enhance diagnosis accuracy. Our solutions also ensure patients prone to getting lost (e.g. individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease) are easy to find; our patient monitoring services also ensure efficient tracking of patient prescription use.


Accelerating Healthcare Innovation

Connected health has given innovators the opportunity to showcase their ideas, and unveil advances that span the technology spectrum, from wearables to software applications.

If you have an idea of your own, turn it into reality and start your healthcare organization’s digital transformation with the help of Go Technology Management.

We can jumpstart the development of your applications, solve the common challenges in the industry and increase access, quality, and efficiency of care.

We provide complete, end-to-end support for start-ups and researchers looking to co-innovate their healthcare solutions. After all, with an industry hyper focused on continuous innovation and increasing customer demands, it can be hard to turn your vision into reality. We create a space where innovators could collaborate and rub shoulders, and take advantage of the many opportunities.

One of the digital health innovation projects we have done is the development of wirelessly connected wheelchairs. This enhances patient independence, which means increased customer satisfaction.

For more information about the features and benefits of our IoT Healthcare services or if you want to become a partner, call Go Technology Management today.

Mobility Consulting

Access the broadest range of innovative mobility expertise for your business.

Mobile Device Management

Increase productivity with the latest devices on our powerful LTE network.

Mobile Application Management

Store, manage, and share content online in a highly secure cloud.

Digital Content Solutions

Provide highly secure, digital workspaces and access to resources virtually anywhere.

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