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Data Failover / WWAN
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Business VPN Solutions

Give employees the flexibility to do their work anywhere while protecting sensitive data from theft with our business VPN solutions at Go Technology Management.

Our secure networking solution allows you to access corporate information across locations, connecting you with your remote workers, business partners, and cloud providers.  You can do all these without worrying about data theft, censorship, content constraints, or regional restrictions.

We offer a range of networking solutions to meet your most basic needs.

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One of the most used applications of MPLS or Multiprotocol Label Switching is called MPLS virtual private networks (VPNs). This service is specifically designed to provide a reliable, efficient, and scalable way to connect your multiple location sites together for an easy, fully managed wide area network (WAN) capability.

Once your users and applications are connected, your employees can access your corporate systems anywhere and share information, as MPLS VPN extends enterprise network access.

MPLS VPNs allow you to provide Layer 3 VPN services. SPs often replace old Layer 2 WAN solutions and allow them to provide additional services, because MPLS VPNs understand the Layer 3 addresses at customer locations.  MPLS VPNs can even provide the privacy that is popular in Layer 2 WAN solutions.

Before MPLS VPN, organizations requiring VPN used models that were not only complex, but also costly. These old models had scaling issues when managing many tunnels, and could not isolate customers.


Broadband VPN

Broadband VPN is a flexible way to connect locations together using high-speed Internet access. It is ideal for businesses with countless remote locations that do not need high bandwidth lines, such as T-1 or T-3.

What makes MPLS VPN and broadband VPN different is that the former is state-of-the-art technology you use if you run software applications that do not tolerate data delay, such as voice and video. The latter is a better option if you run applications that are sensitive to latency.

At Go Technology Management, one ofthe go-to VPN solutions providers, we offer secure broadband VPN that gives you the most extensive coverage and redundancy options. Ours is an integrated all-in-one solution that is ideal for all connectivity requirements over broadband, including Internet, firewalling, automated branch fail over, traffic shaping, and encrypted VPN.

Our broadband VNP services also make the transition less complicated, as we offer support at every stage in the process.

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Working remotely has become increasingly popular, but puts users and network administrators at serious security risks. Accessing the Internet through Wi-Fi can expose users to viruses, hackers, and more.

Resolve these issues through IPSec (Internet Protocol Security). Route your data through Go Technology Management, where you can enjoy the same protection policies via a secure encrypted tunnel between the user and the network. It works on the Network Layer of the OSI Model, which transfers data between two end points without any third-party application.

This is an ideal solution because it can provide a permanent connection between locations, as if the computer connected on an IPSec VPN is a corporate network member. It also allows users to view and access the entire network.

Through IPSec, your business maintains the security and integrity of company data over public networks, without sacrificing access and cost.


Remote Access

A remote access VPN allows you tomake secure connections independently with a computer network anywhere in the world. Users can access the network resources as if they were directly connected into the network server.

How does remote access VPN work?

A computer forms a remote access connection to a server. The server will then assign an IP address for the client and changes the default route, so that the route traffic transfers through the virtual interface.

There are two components involved in a remote access VPN: a network access server and client software. The former is where a user connects to the Internet to use a VPN, and requires users to sign in to the VPN. The latter is a required software installation so individuals can use the VPN from their computers.

Go Technology Management provides you with secure and seamless access to corporate networks and resources even on the go. We ensure privacy and information security through encryption, endpoint system compliance, and multi-factor authentication.

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Multiservice VPN

Multiservice VPN allows you to connect multi-site locations, as well as combine data traffic, video, and voice, on a single network and all through the same device. It is a robust hybrid solution in that it allows you to provide complimentary Wi-Fi to your consumers and gives your business a highly secure connection.

The voice and video capabilities of multiservice VPN meets the standards of IPsec, the protocol that ensures all aspects of a network are encrypted. That means it provides an additional safeguard against threats of theft and intrusion.

Our multiservice VPN solutions at Go Technology Management are validated and field-tested.

Our knowledge base and experience can reduce your capital and operating expenses as well, and simplify network management activities. You can also hasten the deployment of IP-based application—without suffering from performance and security issues of private network connections.

For more information about the features and benefits of our Business VPN Solutions or if you want to become a partner, call Go Technology Management today.

You can also reach us through live chat for inquiries or fill out the contact form.

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